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"Paul's music is a gift from the angels. His music is truly Heaven sent."

Doreen Virtue

Author - The Angel Oracle Cards

"Walking in the footsteps of the greatest composers who ever blessed the Earth, Paul composes and plays music that captures the very creation of life itself. He has the ability to connect to the Higher Octaves of the Universe to bring through overtures of The Music of the Spheres."

Dr. Norma Milanovich

Author and Visionary -
The Light Shall Set You Free,
Sacred Journey to Atlantis

This is a letter from Connie Wilhelm of Kelowna, Canada,
expressing what she experienced after her personal musical portrait.

"Dear Paul,

I am writing you to let you know how thankful I am that I met you. The musical portrait you made for me has to be the most powerful healing tool I have yet discovered. My friend laughs at me constantly because I'm so afraid of losing my CD.

She asked me how the music affected me and I didn't know how to explain it so I wrote down all that I was feeling.

'As the music soared its way through my heart, I moved through my sadness, embraced my pain, danced with joy and wept tears of freedom... and now, when I look into the mirror, the flaws I once perceived just melt away. I stand before my essence, the beauty of my being and bless the day I was born.'

Believe me when I say that this is truly a miracle. I was at a point in my life where I desperately wanted to 'check out'. Since I have received the gift of your music, I have completely turned around. I am in constant awe and love my life.

So thank-you! Your music has helped me find my inner peace and I know it will have similar effects on others."

Connie Wilhelm - Canada

"I have been using recordings of Paul Armitage's music for a number of years in my work, helping people with Alzheimer's and have seen them experience amazing transformations, from a state of anxiety and fear, to one of peace. His music is truly a gift."

Kristine Theurer, Music Therapist Accredited. - Canada

"The music that lives through Paul Armitage carries one ever-expanding blessing after with emotion, textures of our humanness woven from a depth and closeness; they offer an opening for one to access clear overview of one's life. His Musical Portraits are intimate, melodic outpourings of soul essence...deeply inspiring, they bring a clarity of presence to the listener. These musically graceful, expressions have become favorite compositions for many across the world. Receiving a Musical Soul Portrait from Paul is like having a personal soundtrack for the movie of one's life... What a gift! Thank you, Paul! May your every moment be an expression of the Love, passionate heart and beauty you give this world..."

Matisha - California