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To inquire about or obtain Paul's music, please Email Paul

Audio samples from
DVD - Paul playing Edvard Grieg's Grand Piano

Ode to Joy (sound only)

Audio samples from
Akasha - Thy Will Be Done

Law Of Attraction   Divine Design

Audio samples from

Into the Deep   Ode of Joy

Audio samples from
Return to Avalon

Soul's Journey   Sanctuary

Audio samples from
Illumination, A Musical Meditation

Bringer Of Light   Shining Star

Audio samples from
Heart of Creation

Christos   Bells of Freedom

Audio samples from Paul's first album,

Ascension   Victory

Audio samples from Paul's second album,

Cathedral - Track 10   Cathedral - Track 5

Audio samples from
The Light Album

Heart's Flame   Reverence (Reprise)

Audio samples from
Reaching For Nirvana

Awakening   Communion

Audio samples from
Concerto, Love's Heart...Fully Shining

Love's Heart...Fully Shining  

Audio samples from
Shasta, Light of the World

New Camelot   Rapturous Embrace

Audio samples from
Ecstatic Communion

Ecstatic Communion - Track 1   Ecstatic Communion - Track 2

Audio samples from

The Foundation   Victorious Emergence

Audio samples from
Healing of the Divine Mother

Divine Mother - Track 1   Divine Mother - Track 2

Audio samples from
Northern Lights

Joyous Reunion   Eternity

Audio samples from
Angel Heart

Emergence   Angel Dance

Audio samples from
Angelic Harmonies, The Music of the Spheres

Spheres - Track 1   Spheres - Track 2

Audio samples from
The I Am Presence, A Musical Invocation

I Am - Track 1   I Am - Track 2

Audio samples from
Forgiveness - The Way Home

Forgiveness - Track 1   Forgiveness - Track 2

Audio samples from

Gratitude - What Time Heals   Gratitude - Completion

Please Email Paul with any questions, comments, to schedule him to play music at your event or have a Musical Soul Portrait composed specifically for you or a friend.

Thank you for your support and interest...

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