Western Australia, 150 km east of Perth


Photo by Julie Armitage, October 2016



In holding Sacred Space for individuals and group events,

Paul opens to receive the sweet current of love and healing

from the very Heart of Creation, spontaneously composing

exquisite music that captures and expresses the beauty and joy of

our Highest Aspirations - Music Sourced directly from

the Heart of Divine Love.



"For me, the greatest joy in

spontaneously composing sacred music,

is my connection with the audience.


The active Presence of the listener,

in consciously receiving the blessings

being expressed through the music,

co-creates the most potent sense of

deep sharing and oneness.

It is Heaven on Earth!"


-Paul Armitage



The following is by Paul's wife, Julie:


"Paul grew up in Saskatchewan, Canada.

He began playing piano at the age of six

and was classically trained for ten years. 


Playing piano and keyboards professionally for

many years, Paul became well versed in all styles of

jazz, blues and popular music.

Then in 1993, Paul's musical focus was re-directed

toward creating his own original music, arising from

a personal, spiritual awakening which was intimately

connected to this new found creative musical expression.


During this period, he discovered he had the ability

to open himself to allow beautiful, original music

to flow through him. This experience gradually evolved

into using spontaneously composed music as a

powerful tool for healing and invocation.


Thus began his transition to more 

heart-centred music, composing

personal musical soul portraits

for thousands of individuals and

performing at many spiritual gatherings.


Because of Paul's classical training, he

can translate and externally replicate

the music he hears and feels internally

when he focuses on a specific healing

intention, group of people, or individual.

The process by which Paul receives the

music is unique. Powerful feedback he

has received from many clients about his

musical soul portraits has

been that they lead the listener

to a profound inner experience

- a remembrance of the

deepest Truth of who they are. 

This is the true gift of Paul's music -

a Divine meeting of one's Self when hearing 

one's Essence reflected in music.


The music has invited many of Paul's listeners

to access the most subtle and sublime aspects

of their True nature - beyond personality

and conditioning.


The result is often very

healing and transformational.

From Paul's heart, combined with the Heart

in his music, the listener is carried Home. 


And Home is where the Heart is."

- Julie Armitage





"Being accustomed to listening to symphonic music, I'm amazed

by the way Paul manages to bridge the style and genius of the

classical composers to the new level of spontaneously channeled

spiritual music that embraces both your ear and your soul"


Robby Curdorf - Bestselling Author and Lecturer.



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Paul's NEW CD!! -

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A Sublime Inner Journey


Two Channeled Musical Meditations that open inner doorways, gently expanding One's awareness of our unlimited Inner Potential


"Expansive and Uplifting"

- Sheldan



Visit Paul's CD Music Store

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Visit Paul's CD Music Store

to see CD Catalogue Here

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Latest News:

Paul is finishing his spiritual autobiography, 'Between the Lines,

A Case for Reincarnation'


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